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Juno Racing

A Juno-Synergy V8 sports prototype racing car has been developed and is currently racing and track testing in New Zealand. It has already shown lap record pace

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Hypercars - DSN390

The Synergy V8 is standard fitment to the Hyper Cars DSN 390 Sports car. This is a classic front engine / gearbox, rear wheel drive application. This vehicle is...

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Speedway Midget / Speedcar

One of the initial applications for the Synergy V8 has been intensely competitive speedway racing. This is a methanol fuelled application, with a direct drive system...

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Synergy Power

The Synergy V8 is a modern and compact, high output V8 engine designed for competition and recreational use. Featuring minimum size and weight and maximum specific power in a reliable package. A state of the art design configuration, modern motorcycle cylinder head technology and a crankshaft speed of up to 12,000rpm are features of this engine.

The engine has been designed and developed in a modular configuration in order to be suited to a wide range of applications and installations, ranging from club racing to high level motorsport, front and mid engine locations, gasoline and alternative fuels.

In many cases this engine can replace an existing four cylinder unit, providing comparable size, lighter weight and significantly higher power output.

Options in capacity and specification give naturally aspirated power output levels from 390bhp to over 500bhp. A turbocharged configuration is also available.

Intensive on track and dyno development programs have optimised engine parameters for a wide range of applications, current BMEP and efficiency values are the state of the art.

The Synergy V8 engine is adaptable to a wide range of applications and gearbox alternatives.

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About Synergy

Synergy Engines are designed and manufactured by New Zealand based Design and Development company Prototipo.

Head Designer of the Synergy V8 is Dr Simon Longdill. Simon combines both an academic background , a wealth of practical experience and involvement in numerous state of the art engine and vehicle development and design projects. Simons background also includes a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering... + More info

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